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Get a good look at our service. See your data in a whole new way! We will put your restaurants on our service with no obligation for an entire month. Take the opportunity today to see how hard your data can work for you.

QsrSoft provides the service you need to effectively manage your restaurants!

You get instant access to:
Cash Controls
E-mail Alerts
Food Costs
Sales & Labor
Service Times
and much more!
Simple to Use:
requires only a web browser
share with your entire organization
at-a-glance consolidation
innovative graphs
powerful trend analysis
Easy to Maintain:
no software to install
no hardware to maintain
no long-term contracts or expensive fees
and we do the polling for you!


Profitability Through Fresh Thinking

FINALLY! Use the untapped potential of your ISP data to manage your stores more easily and effectively than ever before while maximizing profits. What makes dotComm by QsrSoft different? Fresh thinking.

Fresh thinking provides clear, actionable information in innovative new ways that are useful to you. Whether it's the consolidated reports, email alerts, easy integration with your payroll and other systems, or one of dotComm's other innovative features, Fresh Thinking is the key to managing your business more easily and profitably than ever before.




DotComm by Qsrsoft provides you with the tools you need in a format that will fit with your personal Management Style.


Manage At-a-Glance


Manage by Integration


Manage by Trends


Manage by Delegation


Manage by Flexibilty


Manage by Exception

Fresh Thinking makes dotComm by QsrSoft inexpensive and easy to use. You don't need a dedicated computer, phone line, or other costly equipment. Since the software is on our secure web server, you don't even need to be in the office to work! All you need is a computer with internet access to unlock all the features of dotComm – anytime, anywhere!

Powerful and flexible graphs give you a clear, actionable view of your restaurant's operations. Sometimes a picture really IS worth a thousand words!


You Don't Have to Take our Word for it. Listen to What Our Clients Say...

Chances are that if you are reading this, you have already heard about QsrSoft or dotComm from someone you know. Why not try it out for yourself for FREE for one month? Sign up today and within a day or two you can see for yourself what so many other Owner/Operators have already discovered:

"I feel the service has had a great impact on both profit and QSC." Mark Proctor - Heartland Region

"This is the cost effective solution I have been looking for." Fred Tillman - Great Southern Region

"This tool is long overdue and a must for any size organization." Kevin Hern - Greater Southwest Region

"I have used it for two years and would recommend it to anyone." Kevin Moore - Houston Region

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